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Weekly Deals & Month Long Specials

Back to School 2022:

Data Backups = $50.00


Bit Defender Total Security 1 Year 5PC = $50.00 w/ installation.


Website Creation = Free Consultation
General Computer Services = 15% with a "Like on Facebook
Maintenance Package Deals = Buy 1 at regular price, get a second computer covered, free.*
*Must be standard rate. Coupons may not combine.

All offers end August 25th, 2022. Make sure you call today!!! (919)450-8679! We will not only build you a professional looking website, but we will guarantee great search engine results. Be sure and call us today!!! Exclusive to our mailing list or people who like us on Facebook! There is a link in the upper right corner to like us very quickly. Print this page to redeem and show for your $50 dollar credit!


We are also featuring $50 data backups. This is good on up to 15GB of data that needs to be backed up. Why loose information? We will also provide means of helping maintain routine backups with this deal! Strike while the iron is hot! Print this advertisement. Backup deal is available for the general public. This only applies for physical backups. Online backups can be signed up for below.

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